KS1 -KS3 11+ GCSE

      A Level

One-to-one tuition £25.00

Year 4    £25.00

Year 5    £27.00

£25.00 £27.00
Group tuition 
(maximum 5 students)
£15.00 £15.00 £15.00 N/A

There will be a small price increase from Tuesday 4 September 2018. This is to ensure we maintain high quality teaching.

Special Offers

* 10% Discount will be offered on 1 additional lesson or for 1 sibling only


* If you are away on holiday or unable to attend you MUST GIVE A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS NOTICE OR YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED FOR THE LESSON. You can contact us at any time and leave a message on 01902 219171 or 07929 289919 alternatively you can send a text message.

Please note if you consistently cancel lessons we reserve the right to offer your place to someone else.